Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tallulah Falls State Park

We visited a couple of state parks while on vacation!
One was Tallulah Falls State Park!
It was very pretty with water falls, a gorge and a
suspension bridge!

Mama and Daddy worked hard keeping us off the rails!
Although we still managed to push the limits!

We loved the falls and thought they
were beautiful!

It was a very windy day!
We took a picnic and had to eat in the car!

There wasn't many people out, so we didn't
get any "whole" family shots!

Yes, we wanted to go see the suspension bridge and
the gorge so we went down the 310 stairs to get there!
But you know, if you go down stairs, you have to go back up!

I loved the suspension bridge!
Mama and Kaitlann not so much!
Kaitlann doesn't like heights or anything
that moves under her!
Just like mama!

But I enjoyed running across it with daddy!

Looking straight down from the bridge!

Can you see us?
We did manage to get Kaitlann out there for a picture!

We made it up one flight of stairs!

How many more to go?

Taking a little break!
My short dumpy legs were tired!

We finally made it back to the top!

We all needed to take a rest!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


By Mama
Four Years ago today, January 30, at 6:14 am
Mackenzie Taylor Jones was born. Weighing in
at 6lbs 15ozs and 19.5 inches!

She was a little stubborn and didn't want to come out
which resulted in a C-Section!
She was the joy and love of my life that day!
She was wonderful and beautiful!
The best baby that we could have asked for!

Here she is four years later!
Still stubborn, wonderful, beautiful,
smart, and the love of my life!
I know she is going to be used one day by
God in a very mighty way!
He truly blessed us when He gave
us Mackenzie four years ago.
I am so thankful that He chose me
to be her mama!
I am looking so forward to see
what God has in store for her!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This past week we went on Vacation to Clayton Georgia!
Last October the church gave Daddy a vacation to Camp Pinnacle
(A Georgia Baptist Retreat Center) for Pastor Appreciation Month!
So we decided to go in January hoping to get some snow!
But they got snow the weekend before we got there!

Here we are playing or maybe I should say falling off
of a small ropes course that they had!

Thankfully no one got hurt on the ropes course!

Daddy's trying to show us how it is to be done!
Like we need any help!!

I decided to climb a stump that was on one of the trails!

Chasing ducks is always fun!!!

We are pretend feeding the duck that we just
chased into the lake!

Cheesing for the picture!

We had a really low key vacation!
Just what mama and daddy wanted.
No running ourselves ragged on vacation!

We spent a lot of time just hanging out and playing together!
We played Guess Who? and Connect Four hundreds of times!
We also visited a couple of State Parks and of course the
Great Smoky Mountains!
Daddy took Sunday off so he didn't take any books, commentaries,
Sermons to write or anything! That like never happens!
Daddy usually has to preach on Sunday so we have to hurry
and get back from wherever we are and therefore has to
write a couple of sermons while we are gone!
I know it was a well needed break for him!

Monday, January 21, 2008

In the Kitchen

Mama rarely gets in the kitchen to cook
without us anymore!
Fun for us, Mess for her!

Here we are making Pear Tarts!
We are having to roll out the biscuits!

Yep, I am making a mess too.
I mean "helping"!

I think I should try this
and see what it taste like!

We had to use a lot of flour!
Mama and Daddy took us to Toys R Us to pick out a
toy. We got a $3 gift card from Toys R Us for our birthday's!
And we had to use it right away. Never mind waiting
to see if we get any more money!
Out of all the toys we picked out an Easy Bake Oven
Accessory Pack off of the Clearance Rack.
No, we do not have an Easy Bake.
But we thought, if we get this now maybe
someone will get us one for our birthdays!!!

We we got home from Toys R Us and had to get
right in the kitchen and do some cooking.
Flour, Brown Sugar, Water, and Sprinkles!
Does anyone know what recipe that is?


Crazy Cat

We are so thankful that Lola found us last summer.
She is the prettiest and sweetest kitten we
have ever seen.

We told you that she is pretty and sweet!

She is crazy too.
She sits and lays in the weirdest places.
She loves the back of our dinning room chairs.
This isn't the only time we have seen her on them
she gets on them all the time and just hangs out!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Daddy-The Handy Man

We have had a very wild morning here at the Jone's House!
Mama called daddy at work to tell him that her
washing machine was leaking!
(She should have thought about that one a little longer!)
He came over, turned the washing machine upside down
to find that it wasn't the machine leaking at all it was the
hot water faucet that goes into the washing machine!
Daddy said great, this will be easy
so he begin to tighten the faucet that's when the handle
just broke off! Then he decided he would go ahead and
finish tightening it up and then go get a new handle to put on.
So he got his handy dandy wrench back out, put it around the nut
and the whole faucet broke off. Leaving just the pipe in the wall
with hot water shooting out every where. I mean not just
a little water like a ton of water shooting out! Sorry we
didn't get a picture, although we wish we had, because
this is going down in the Jones' book of funny memories!
As mama and daddy were running around trying to decide
how to get the water cut off to the house and trying to get a
water hose to the pipe to run out of the house
us girls were standing in ankle deep water in the laundry
room, that was now running out into the kitchen!
Finally mama got the water turned off at the pump
after flipping a half dozen wrong switches!
Then it was time for clean up!
We got some good use out of daddy's handy
shop vac and the ten billion towels that
we had to use to get things dried up.
But it's all over now and the washing machine
is up and running with no leak we must add!
Mama will think twice before asking daddy to
fix a leak, but if she ever does daddy will
not think twice about calling someone else!
We couldn't do anything but laugh, there
was no use in getting mad!

Just remember when life shoots water
just put on your bathing suit and enjoy!

For everything happens for a reason and
we must glorify God always!
Even when our feet get wrinkled
from playing in the water too long!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Girl Time!

I went shooting with Daddy the other
day for "guy" time and then
we came home for some "girl"

I really enjoyed playing with my
doll house with daddy.
I had to teach him how but
he catches on pretty quickly to things!

Daddy having the best of time!
Knowing that if he had all boys
he wouldn't have this much fun!

Lola also enjoyed playing with us!
I don't know what she was thinking but
she just jumped right in and played with us!

Lola trying to get me through the window!
We love our new doll house a lot!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tennessee Christmas

The day after Christmas we left for Tennessee!
We had the best time!
Grandmama and Pop got us all kinds of great
Christmas presents!

One of the first things we did when we got
to grandmama and pop's house was open
Christmas gifts!

Look, I got a Little People's Noah's Ark!
Madison and Luke also got me a Little
People's Doll House!
I like Little People now!

But I still love my Baby Dolls more!
A girl can never have too many baby dolls!

Look at this cool jacket I got!
I love it!!
We both got one!

I love dinosaurs and grandmama got
me this cool dinosaur set!

Great! I got a fishing pole!
Now when daddy takes us fishing I don't
have to fight with Mackenzie to use hers!

Snuggling with grandmama!
I was such a grandmama's girl while I was there!
She had to do everything for me!

Helping grandmama with breakfast!
We both love to cook!

On my way to find Grandmama!


We got to visit the park while we were in TN!
It was a little cold but nothing that us Maine
born girls couldn't handle!

We love to play at a park, any park, we
are not picky at all!

Grandmama even jumped in or should we
say slid down on the action!

We were not sure what we were suppose
to do on this thing but it was fun!

Daddy having a little
Father, Daughter time!

We were pretending to be dinosaurs'!

This slide was really fast so mama wanted
to join in on the fun!

I didn't realize that after sliding down the pole
500 times that my hands would hurt!
When I got back to grandmama's we had
to put ice on them!

We thought mama was going to break
her neck!
I think she thought she was too!

Grandmama and Pop got me this
wonderful TN leotard and then I found
this hard hat to model!

Do I look cute or what?

After we got home we had to wear our new
princess jackets that we got for Christmas!
We love them very much!
Thanks everyone for the wonderful Christmas
and all the gifts!

Deut 6:5-9

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.
"And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.